Words To Ride By #1

Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato

I have found that I developed a habit that I am not too proud of. When I am tired, hungry, or generally in a foul mood I find myself making negative assumptions about the people around me particularly those that are “in my way”.

Maybe it’s the two people who are walking and somehow taking up the whole sidewalk, or perhaps the biker that is riding crazy slow, or maybe the guy who stops abruptly while walking. Regardless of who it is I find myself judging and making assumptions.

In reality I truly believe people are good and doing the best they can. Instead of judging I am making a conscious effort to assume the best. The truth is that I don’t know what anyone is really facing. The inconvenience they cause me may be just unintentional fallout from a great tragedy in their life.

Hopefully as I intentionally shift my attitude from one of annoyance to one of understanding it will start to come naturally.

*This is the first of a series of quotes that I am going to try and use to keep me focused on my ride. I will probably write them in a journal or something that I travel with*

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