Safe Rolling

I have talked in the past about how MDMA has medicinal benefits, this post is about the fun and social aspect of Ecstasy. Yes, it is a fun chemical to use for social circumstances but it should always be used responsibly and you should take the necessary safety precautions. It alters your mind and should only be used by responsible adults. From a moral perspective I don’t see it’s use as any different than alcohol, except it is much safer.

If you ever have questions or concerns about safe use of any drugs the wonderful people at DanceSafe have the answers and you should contact them.

My best rolls have been in a home environment with a few close friends. I am not really into the rave scene as much and would much rather have some amazing talks and experiences with those I love and trust. Maybe it is the introvert in me but that is just how I like to roll so this post is about home-rolling..

Safety – Everyone is different but there are some basic things you need to do to prepare for a safe and fun roll.

DRINK WATER! –Hydration and body temperature is the main safety concern most people experience. It is very important to stay hydrated while rolling, aside from the increased temperature from the drug you will also likely be dancing and active which causes your body to use more water. There are preparations you can take to make sure you stay hydrated. I like to spread full water bottles around the house in places you know you will be (couch, bedroom, outside deck, bathroom, etc) as well as have a large cup that you carry around with you during the night. If it is empty, fill it up and drink

You can also have a couple of gallons of orange juice available to drink. This both hydrates you and gets calories into your system (MDMA can sometimes suppress your appetite). I have also heard that orange juice has a positive effect on MDMA but I’m not sure how true this is.

Prep the house – You will want to get the house ready for a roll session. Hand-eye coordination can be effected by MDMA so you will want to store away anything that is breakable or valuable before you start. You should also lay out any items you think you might want or need like lights, glowsticks, paper towels, and towels. Bring out any soft blankets or stuffed animals to cuddle with later. If you have air mattresses it is also fun to inflate them and have them lying around the room. The more softness the better.  Everything should be plastic or soft. No glass!

You will want minimal lighting (and colored lighting if possible) due to the increased sensitivity of your eyes while rolling. Scattering christmas lights along the corners of the floor or using battery powered candles are a great option if you don’t have actual “rave” style toys. If you do have rave gloves or whatever get them out and set them somewhere you can find them later.

If possible you will want to black out your windows to minimize any chance of someone seeing you dancing around from the outside. Also, be respectful of your neighbors, test your sound system ahead of time and walk around your house/apartment to see what volume cannot be heard outside (and keep the volume below that level). You may be rolling until sunup and you don’t want to disturb others with your activity.

Overall you just want a clean safe house. I would take extra care to make sure the sink(s) are clean. This will make it easier to get water when needed and provide a place to vomit if needed. I have heard some people vomit on e but I have never had that happen. I did vomit while rolling once but that was because I was spinning on a chair, not because of the drug.

Music – If you can you should prep a music list ahead of time that will cover the entire time span and have that ready to go. I like dubstep and dance music but do what you like. If you can set up a Spotify list and have Spotify Premium it is cool to have the music playing on several devices throughout the house. I like to have a pattern of 2-3 fast songs and 1 slower song, this allows you a break from dancing and a reminder to get water. If a slow song comes on it is time to hydrate. This also allows an opportunity to talk (my favorite part of rolling is talking and listening).

Teeth Grinding – Many people grind their teeth when rolling. If you have a mouthpiece or something that can help. You can chew gum but there is a good chance you will bite your tongue or lip and that sucks.

Other – There are plenty of tricks available online and fun things to do when using e so I won’t go into too much detail but here are an assortment of tips

  • If you are a talker or have something you specifically want to talk about while rolling down a few notes before hand on a piece of paper (I advise using a large sharpie on a big notepad to ease reading in low lighting)
  • Wear comfortable clothes (or no clothes – but clear this with all participants before rolling). Bathing suits or boxers are good for guys.
  • Shower Trick: This is my favorite thing to do. You fill up the bathtub with hot water (don’t burn yourself) and you submerge yourself. Then you turn on the shower with cold water. It feels awesome. Make sure you have towels set out already though so you aren’t shivering searching through drawers in the dark.
  • Massages: You will want to give and receive massages. Do it, it’s fun. Don’t worry, MDMA is not a “sex drug”, you aren’t going to wake up the next morning regretting something that you did like you do with alcohol. Your inhibitions may go down when it comes to being open with someone but you aren’t going to violate any of your personal morals. These massagers are awesome, there are also some glowing ones somewhere but I can’t find them. Electric massagers prevent your hands from getting tired. Use scented oils.
  • Keep a pen and paper nearby. I tend to think a lot while rolling and have some internal epiphenies. Tell people if you trust them and write it down while it is fresh.
  • Turn off your cell phone!
  • Remember the rules for dealing with police. They cannot kick down your door for loud music. If they come to the door DO NOT OPEN IT and turn the music lower. If the music stops they will eventually go away.
  • Have fun and take care of each other!

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