My Type

I get asked a lot by my amazing friends what “my type” of girl is. Most of my friends who ask me this are trying to hook me up with someone. They are all aware of my views on relationships and such so this question tends to be about how a woman is physically.

There are a few things that I tend to find attractive such as tattoos, piercings, colored hair, dreadlocks, and a relatively healthy body but none of this is really a type. I think my attraction to these things are based more on a Pavlovian response. People who have these traits tend to be interested in similar things and have a similar attitude to me. As I write this I also realize these are all body modifications, they have nothing (or very little) to do with how you are born, but instead are based on choices. There aren’t really any “born with” traits that are good or bad in my mind.

To me it is the total package for each individual, things like eye color, breast size, or height are part of a total package but I don’t have a real preference. I can see a short blonde with brown eyes and C’s and she will be just as much my type as a tall red head with A’s or average height brunette with D’s. In the same way that Supreme Court Justice Stewart can’t define pornography, I can’t define my type “but I know it when I see it”.


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