Going Vegan

About six months ago I decided to attempt a solely vegan diet. I have not been completely successful but at this point I am about 80% vegan, another 15% vegetarian, and the remaining carnivore. When I am home cooking for myself I am completely vegan, the rest is when I end up eating out or others are cooking.

The way I came about this decision is very similar to a logical exercise. I started with two situations: one in which all my nutrients can be obtained without a creature feeling pain or dying and one in which that is not the case. At the beginning the price, nutritional value, and convenience in obtaining this food is all the same. There really are three ways to react to these scenarios: harmless food is better, the two scenarios are the same, or food harming creatures is better. For me harmless food is morally superior.

After that I just needed to figure out how much money, nutrition, and convenience I am willing to sacrifice to live the morally superior life (in my opinion). Luckily we live in an age when these three issues are not a huge problem. The prices of different goods are close enough for someone on my budget, there is a lot of nutritional information out there about how to fill holes in your diet, and even the grocery store down the street has most of the products I need.

Since switching my diet I have felt healthier and dropped a few pounds. I have had to add Choline supplements to my diet because this is primarily found in dairy products but that is a very minor change. I am hoping to maintain this diet for the most part on my bike ride but that may be difficult. We shall see.

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