Words to Ride By #5

“I just wanna slow down” – A.D.D. from “Accepted”

At some point in my life I turned everything into a race. Even during my rides (which are meant to be a chill experience) I find myself racing the speedometer, racing the watch, fighting a deadline. I need to stop. I need to move slow. I need to experience the moment.

I will be making a concerted effort to live in the moment and forget about deadlines during this ride. It will be tough, especially when some people will be expecting me at certain times along the way, but I will take the moments I can and breathe in life. If I end up days behind my current route I will be okay, that simply means I found something that my mind or body desired more than reaching the next checkpoint.

Life is a journey, not a destination. This ride is my journey. Santa Monica may be the end of this particular path but it isn’t a destination in the final sense. In the same way this adventure doesn’t have a beginning, it also doesn’t have a end. So, I’m going to get distracted and enjoy the moment. The point of a Rite of Passage is more than to accomplish a goal, it is also an experience and I plan on experiencing every moment I can.

2 thoughts on “Words to Ride By #5

  1. I’ve experienced the same struggle, but found taking even 10 minutes each day to meditate and keep my mind gently “in the moment” not fixating on future anxiety has helped tremendously (:

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