Post Party Sangria Notes

A few quick notes on the sangria recipes I listed below so that I don’t forget…\
Red Sangria
Berries need an extra hour or two to defrost
I also didn’t need to add any extra sugar 🙂
White Sangria
Overall very good but a few notes
  • Less grape juice, like half as much
  • The bananas were good but a bit soggy, maybe add them 8-12 hours pre-serving
  • Kiwis were fantastic
  • Peaches were good but a little rough, I need to play with the timing on those (or maybe try to find peaches that are more ripe)
Pink Sangria
My next task is to make a pink sangria. I think I am going to copy the white with the following alterations as my first try:
  • Rose (or other pink wine)
  • – Apples
  • – Pineapples
  • Mixed grapes (not just green)
  • + Mixed berries
  • + Strawberries
  • + Oranges (?)

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