It was a good day

I usually don’t do rundowns of my day in this blog, that just isn’t my style but yesterday was a really good day and I feel like writing it down for later reflection.

I had the pleasure of kind of playing tour guide around DC during the day for a new friend who will actually be in SoCal soon. The weather was nice and company wonderful as we toured a museum and just talked about life in general.

After that I had dinner and a movie with a friend who is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to talk with. It is a constant mindgasm when I talk to her. She challenges my assumptions and provides incredible insight into love, sex, relationships, etc. Call me a geek but i find it awesome when someone can work Hayek and diminishing marginal returns into a conversation about the benefits of monogamy She has softened my criticisms of monogamy, though I still don’t think it is for me at this time in my life. If everyone put as much time and conversation into their assumptions about social roles the world would be a better place.

We talked about our pasts, views on important issues, why I’m leaving DC, and many other things. She challenged me the whole time and I came to find she was right about a lot of things and that I had been somewhat unfair. There were also several great one-liners like “DIFTS: Do It For the Story” and “Love is your heart’s truth” that will stick me and deserve more reflection. After the movie we just walked the city and talked, skipping many metro entrances just to keep the conversation going. It was grand.

It was approaching 11pm at this time but my museum-buddy and a dear friend invited me over to hang out so I biked across the city and hung out with them. We chatted about a lot of things, including a favorite subject of mine: the medicinal and social benefits of ecstacy. It is always a pleasure to dispel any government propaganda about this drug and share the great work organizations like MAPS and DanceSafe are doing. We also watched a couple “Drunk History” on YouTube (freaking hilarious) and I ended up crashing in the city.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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