Scarce Love

Scarcity = Value… a tenant of economics. But does this apply to love? Do the basic rules of economics make my love less valuable because I love many people? I’m still sorting out my thoughts but I don’t think that loving a lot means your love is valuable for two reasons: one economic and one not.

The economic argument is talked about in Rothbard’s “Man, Economy, and State” but instead of love he talks about horses. In order for this type of scarcity/value argument to work the objects being compared must be the same. I don’t think love between two people can ever be traded for love between other people (even if we ignore the intangible nature of love). My love for my parents, my friends, my lovers, strangers, ex-girlfriends, my best friend, my grandparents, and everyone else is so unique between me and them that it doesn’t effect the scarcity of my love because they aren’t the same, even if the same word is used. It is like any object you own that has sentimental attachment. My copy of “Man, Economy, and State” was given to my mentor and friend, and it doesn’t matter how many copies are produced or distributed my copy will always maintain it’s value.

My second thought is less economic, I don’t think love is a finite resource. In a world like Star Trek due to technology we have moved beyond scarcity (at least on Earth and similar planets). Love is something that humans have the ability to produce and distribute without facing the problems of scarcity and we should embrace that. Instead of hoarding our love for a “one and only” we should be encouraged to share it with all who want or need it. It is a resource that can’t be drained, in fact, some would even argue it multiplies with use.

Post Script – There is also another issue, and that is one of subjective value. I think it is possible that certain people are attracted to others who share a lot of love instead of hoarding it away. I think this type of behavior is attractive and I’m sure I’m not alone, in fact, I think the world would be a better place if more love was encouraged.

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