Internal Dialogue

All this time alone has me thinking… basically because that is all you can do when on the open road. Sure, there are times when I am able to just enjoy the moment and take awe in the beauty around me but that doesn’t last as long as I wish. Instead I am always thinking and those thoughts are not always positive.

The slightest unexpected change in plans leads to a negative knee-jerk reaction in my mind. My thoughts default to frustration, annoyance, and anger. Even during the best of times the internal dialogue is sarcastically negative. Phrases like “I’d kill for a hamburger” show how entrenched the reaction towards violence and negativity is in our vocabulary. Though I would never actually kill for a hamburger the use of the phrase seems to leave a negativity in it’s wake, almost like a dark ink that covers future thoughts and actions.

I am going to work on identifying these negative reactions and thoughts, and once I have identified them I hope to prevent them from happening. I want my knee jerk reaction to be one of positivity and optimism.

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