Day 2: Aquaducts!

The day started off beautiful but overcast and chilly. Things really didn’t warm up until about 2pm and then the clouds covered the sun a few hours later. The trails have been really sparse, I guess the middle of the week is not the most popular time for overnight trail trips.

After leaving camp I checked my phone for a Starbucks or something because my battery was running low. I found one across the river and headed for the ferry. A short ride later I was in Virginia again but the Starbucks was inaccessible to bikes. I just shrugged it off, turned off my phone, and hit the trails again.

I met a few friendly people on the trails but everyone is pretty busy on their own journeys so things don’t really move beyond small talk at water points. I walked across several aqueducts and took some pics. Picture uploading is a little spastic on the road so I may just wait until Pittsburgh to do a photo dump. Around lunch time I found a nice little coffee shop in Brunswick, MD called Beans In The Belfry that was in an old church. I asked the barista to choose her favorite meal for me and it was fantastic. I think I’m going to avoid chain restaurants and coffee shops from now on and have the staff recommend food for me.

While sitting out in the front charging batteries and updating my blog a man approached me and started chatting. He is a local who likes to talk to bikers from the trail and hear their story. He asked if he could record me on video. I said “sure” and we got to talking. He had me briefly explain why I was riding and go over my equipment. He said he will email me with the video when it’s posted and I’ll put it up here.

I hit the road with new enthusiasm and kept moving at a steady pace. I did hit one detour that lead me through rolling farm country. It gave me a chance for some hill riding and see some horses, cows, and sheepies. I also went down a hill at about 20mph with my man chest hair flailing like the Hoff.

I finally settled in to a camp site as the sun was setting. I was alone again at the site, it’s cool to be alone but I hope to camp with some strangers soon. I’ve also found that setting up camp at night is really relaxing to me. It is very “in the moment” where my brain shuts down and my muscle memory takes over.

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