Filtering Light

I love my sunglasses. They serve a purpose and I think I look sexy in them. Unfortunately, their purpose of filtering light also filters the beauty of the world around us. When I block the light I block the colors of the world making it a darker place. Wearing my sunglasses adds a layer between me and the world, it is like viewing hints through a computer monitor. It may be an accurate representation of things according to objective measurements but it lacks the quality of life.

All too often we intentionally trade experiences for a safe shadow of life. TV, computers, and pictures are all valuable tools for life, but they are only that: tools. They cast an accurate shadow of life, but it is still only a shadow. I’m glad to be mostly rid of these tools for a while. I want to see people, hear voices, feel touch, and absorb the world unfiltered. At least for a while.

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