Day 3: Dear Geese, I don’t want to eat your babies. Love, Peter

Today’s weather was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny skies and a mild temperature. I couldn’t ask for better weather. There were more people on the trail today and I have noticed that most of them are in their 50’s and 60’s. There have been a lot of wonderful sites along the way. This leg has had a lot more 19th century industry hat has been reclaimed by the forest. It is like riding through Narnia during Prince Caspian’s day.

I stopped for a late breakfast at a local coffee shop called The Desert Rose. The staff was very friendly and chatted with me a bit about life in the town. I also resupplied at a local bike shop. The owner was a former prison guard and was incredibly friendly. Sadly, most bike places I have encountered have been filled with pretentious and rude staff.

All in all today was both the best and worst day so far. I saw some amazing sites but pushed my body a bit too far. I saw baby geese learning to fly and a baby deer learning to walk (videos coming soon), but I am also learning my limits. I can feel my metabolism increasing and I’m burning through calories like crazy. Every hour or two I need to stop and refuel. Oh well, it’s only the first week and there is a lot of lessons to be learned.

Day 2: Supplemental
I forgot about something. Yesterday I was riding the trail and in front of me was a man on a horse. I realized them that I don’t know what the horse v bike protocol is. Luckily the cowboy pulled his horse aside so I could pass. I thanked him and looked up to see a man with a white handlebar mustache and war-torn eyes. He is, by far, the coolest person I’ve seen on the trail.

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