Day 5: For Every Uphill, There Is A Downhill…

And I got some downhill time today.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today. I woke up well rested and optimistic about what was to come before me. I didn’t know what the path ahead was like but a lady at breakfast said I was almost done with the climb and it was mostly downhill to Pittsburgh. She was right.

After about an hour of riding I made it to the Mason-Dixon line and entered Pennsylvania. Shortly after I reached the top of the Continental Divide. I didn’t even know I was climbing it. There is something pretty awesome about having a mostly unknown path before you and accomplishing it.

The rest of the day was filled with mostly smooth riding at a good pace. There were lots of bridges, rivers, and other sites. I passed by some children who appeared to be Amish as well as a few folks who could be straight out of Deliverance. It was an interesting ride, especially without any bit of cell service.

At the end of the day I found a decent campground and am now settled in. My nighttime routine is becoming second nature… Set up camp, bike maintenance, human maintenance. Tomorrow I should be at the Cervone’s house and maybe enjoying a home cooked meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed.

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