I patched my first tube today. Add that to the basic tuning and repairs I’ve done I’m starting to feel like a cyclist. I’m not though. Many people refer to me as one, Eric’s sister even playfully (I think?) referred to me as “biker boy”, but I don’t think the title fits me.

The truth is, I could set down this bike when I get to California and never pick it up again. I probably won’t do that, but it wouldn’t really phase me. Cyclists are a unique breed who I respect and whose passion I understand but I don’t share it. I think it does them a disservice to consider me part of their ranks. I may be using a bicycle right now for my current travels but I am not a cyclists.

It doesn’t bother me really to be referred to as one though, people can’t yet “right-click” on my face and have a box appear that says:
– Peter Neiger
– Human
– Adventurer
– Level 30
– Current Quest: Bicycle from DC to Los Angeles
– Inventory: Biker gloves of power, Schwinn Hybrid Bicycle, Tennis Shoes (80% damaged), Magical Biker Shorts

So, we go on basic appearances and I must look like a cyclist to the average person. True cyclists can immediately tell the difference by my lack of flashy shirt, my tires, and the jumble of gear on the back of Ashley (my bike) which makes me look like a wandering homeless veteran… which is actually a more accurate way of identifying me.

3 thoughts on “Cyclists

  1. Peter,

    Sounds like you are cycling along! May the hills become less hilly as you travel westward. (They are my wishes and words of wisdom.) Paul wants to know if you found the water filter. We still debate that we could have found it in Wal-Mart. I say yes and he says no. Nikki laughed so hard that she was in your blog. Yes, she will always think of you as “biker boy.” Joey liked that you understood all of his references to the Turtles and Lord of the Rings. We love hearing how your journey is going. Please know that you are in our prayers and we wish you the very best!

    • Haha, well I don’t think I told him but if he reads this blog he will know now. Raphael is my favorite anyway.

      I never did get a water filter but I got some water purification tablets from a friend here in Pittsburgh in case I need them. If I pass by an REI or Walmart or something I will look for one.

      Thanks for all the support. I really did have a great time with your family and hope to see y’all soon.

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