Day 8: Rest Break

Not a lot to really report today. I had a nice relaxing day in Pittsburgh letting my bike and body rest. I did some bike maintenance, caught up on some work, did some reading, put a bunch of pics on FB, and pretty much just chilled on a porch swing most of the day. I also got the next leg of my journey mapped a bit and couch surfing requests sent out.

I like what I’ve seen of Pittsburgh much more than I thought I would. I am even going to look into the schools here, I could see living here for a bit in the next decade or so. All in all, a great little break with some good food and wonderful friends. Tomorrow, I roll through the panhandle of West Virginia and into Ohio.

1 thought on “Day 8: Rest Break

  1. I’m glad you like Pittsburgh so much. I just spent last weekend there and fell in love with the city all over again. I’ve always found the people warm, welcoming, and just so much more laid back than their Washington counterparts. One definitely gets a great sense of place in the Burgh, because to live in Pittsburgh is to love Pittsburgh, unlike DC where everyone is from someplace else…usually someplace they’d like to get back to, if you press them hard enough.

    No one asks where you’re from in Pittsburgh, because it doesn’t even enter their minds. Why would you be *from* anywhere else? People that live in DC by choice — not just for convenient access to power or for career advancement — are few and far between. I’ll gladly admit that when my DC stint has run its course, I’d like to head back up to Pittsburgh for a while. Keep riding! You’re in some really great country now.

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