Day 10: Why did I think Ohio is flat?

I hit the road pretty early this morning. It was a bit chilly but pretty good riding weather. After a few big hills I finally got to the bridge to cross the Ohio river and exit West Virginia. While walking across the bridge (I walk because I like rivers and want t.o enjoy them) I met two guys who were also cross ing into Ohio. One is a local who dies labor and repairs for a local carnival and the other is a guy hitching his way to Colorado with his two dogs.

They seemed really interesting so we ended up chatting for about an hour by an old church. We discussed the town we were in, traveling, tattoos and many other things. Eventually we parted ways and I headed west again.

This is the first day I have really felt like I am venturing out. I’m no longer on the predetermined bike trails but am instead using highways and roads. This can be a bit nerve wrecking occasionally but I’m doing well. The roads generally have good shoulders and the drivers have been courteous. I’m getting pretty good at noticing cars out of my peripheral and I usually hear them coming (except the damn Prius).

I’ve had to start getting water from new sources. I’ve found churches, local community organizations (like Lions Club or VFW), and parks to be a great resource. Schools have also been a great place to plug in and get some shade while resting. The bike itself is running amazing. I had a new speed record for my bike a 29 mph going down a hill. I guess having a fully functional drivetrain helps. The equipment is becoming a hassle, the bungee cords I used are getting worn and not holding like they should.

All in all a really good day of riding bathe sites are still pretty but have changed to rolling farm country. I’m also approaching Amish country, which is cool. For tonight I’m settled in at my first couch surf. It’s been a great experience and the host Laura has been amazing. She’s hosting two of us tonight and we had a great time talking and having a beer out on the deck of a local bar.

After today’s record breaking distance (for me) of over 72 miles I’m looking forward to cracking 500 total tomorrow and a fairly light and hilly 50ish heading towards Columbus.

PS: I realize I haven’t done any ideas blogs lately. Have some I’m working on but I find it hard to reflect as needed when riding these hills. Hopefully that can change soon.

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