Day 14 & 15: Dayton Family Zoo

After a night of rest and a quick good bye to my new friends in Columbus I hit the road. Unfortunately I ripped a contact some was riding partially blind and in fairly poor weather. The rain didn’t really get me but the winds were strong and sky overcast. The ride was pretty uneventful through the countryside and I knocked out some miles on a bike trail as well.

I arrived in Dayton to my Aunt Nikki’s house to a warm welcome and plenty go love. I haven’t seen this part of my family in a decade or more so it was great to get reacquainted. This is a family who loves and cares for anyone they can, even non-humans. Between the house I stayed in and my two cousin’s homes there is at least three cats, on ferret, one parrot, two dogs, a rat, and a raccoon.

I’ve spent the last couple days enjoying amazing food, recuperating, and relaxing. I went and got an eye exam to replace my contacts and the doc hooked me up with several months supply of contacts and solution. Like most people who have allowed me to crash with them my family restocked my food. This may seem like a small thing but in reality it is a huge help. They also offered any help they could with supplies or information. I really am thrilled that I’ve become more reacquainted with this side of my family and wish I had more time to hang out with my cousins who are freaking awesome.

While there isn’t much exciting to report it has been a very pleasant weekend to prepare for Indiana and Illinois.

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