Day 16: Sleeping Under the Stars

After my restock and many hugs I left my families home and headed towards Indiana. Originally I planned on going through Indianapolis but my couch surfing plans fell through and I knew about a pagan festival going on this weekend in French Lick, IN that sounded interesting. I’m not pagan but I do want to meet people from all faiths and walks of life and this seemed like a rare but neat opportunity.

The road in the morning was pretty smooth. I made good time without much to report. The cities and farms are starting to blur together and I lack the motivation to take pictures of things that look so similar to my previous pics. I have noticed a lack of coffee shops and cafes in these towns, I don’t necessarily expect a Starbucks on every corner but it is peculiar to me search for “coffee shop” on my phone and find only one or two actual coffee shops within 50 miles of road.

The feeling of the road has changed some down in the very southwest Ohio and into Indiana. It is obvious the drivers here are not used to bicycles on the roads. They have behaved erratically and for the first time I’ve been yelled at on the road. Luckily I’m on to the back roads mostly now where there is very little non-farm traffic. The heat and water are also becoming a factor. I haven’t been in a town for most the day, making refilling water inconvenient. Churches and schools continue to be my most reliable option.

For the first time tonight I’m “highway camping”. I basically found a wooded area that is pretty secluded near my path and set up camp. I figure “out of sight, out of mind”. I’m pretty sure I’m on public property. I don’t want to trespass for ethical reasons as well as practical ones… I don’t really think the farmers out here call the cops.

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