Day 17: Indianer

I usually don’t really notice when I cross the arbitrary political borders that make up states but Indiana and Ohio seem to be very different. I saw something similar when crossing into Ohio from WV, the people were the same but the business climate was much different. Here in Indiana it is very much farm country. I’ve been chased by half a dozen unleashed dogs (thank you Jake for the trick to dealing with those), seen huge farm equipment meandering down the road, heard random gunshots a couple times, and seem to attract teenagers on 4-wheelers. Ohio had farms but this is farm country.

I made really good time yesterday so I’m not in a huge hurry today. I woke a little slowly, sleeping in the woods wasn’t bad but I woke several times due to random animals approaching me. I’m pretty sure they were raccoons but I didn’t see them. I wonder if wild boars live down here, that would suck.

After my morning 30 I stopped in a little cafe in North Vernon for a great sandwich and coffee. I chatted with the owner for a bit who told me she has met several cross country adventurers over the years. It’s cool to hear that others are willing to just venture out and see what the world has to offer, I’d love to run into and travel with someone like this. As awesome and important as it is for me to travel alone the next time I do something like this I’d love a few people with me.

I’ve done quite a bit of state highway riding today and it is very different than county or city roads. While the speed limit is higher and there are a lot more trucks I actually have a pretty decent sized shoulder that is well maintained. The state highways also go through pretty decent cities and I don’t dread the change in counties like I do with county roads. The maintenance of a road can vary significantly by county and great roads can quickly become crap.

My body is starting to feel some wear and tear from the ride. My legs are doing fine, for the the tough part was the Appalachians (and upcoming Rockies). I am experiencing some nipple chaffing though, and as many of you know I have very sensitive nipples. Riding without a short seems to help and may even out this tan. I do need to be extra vigilante in my sunscreen use though.

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