Day 18b: Our Haven

Well, I arrived at the festival grounds safely. I decided to ride my busted bike here because it was on the way to the repair shop. So far the splints are actually holding up nicely.

The land here is beautiful and I’ve had the opportunity to do a little exploring. There are lots of paths, shrines, and secluded areas for people to hang out. I’m here a day early so I’ve had an opportunity to chat with the owner of the land, security and medics, and the festival organizers. They are all incredibly kind and warm people, just positive in every respect and always looking out to help others. For example, the security and medic both work for a non-profit that supplies toys and gifts to children in Cincinnati.

There are also several former soldiers here, including one who was at Fort Bragg at one point. I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I probably won’t really update again until Sunday. There is tons to do and I don’t want my time spent trying to record life instead of live life.

2 thoughts on “Day 18b: Our Haven

  1. Peter, I am intrigued and looking forward to your review of Our Haven. I went to their website and watched a short film. The man on the video described the area and what will take place during the festival. It looks very interesting and I’d love to read your take on the festival! ~Becca

  2. Agree. It could be really cool and eye opening, a story for the ages, or a night tied to a slab of marble thinking about the blare witch project. Either way should be fun 🙂

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