Day 21: Repairs in Jasper

I hung around Our Haven until early afternoon chatting and telling stories with those that remained. It really was a great weekend and I made many new friends, even a few from missouri that i may be seeing next week. I eventually hit the road to limp my way to Jasper, Indiana.

I arrived safely and pretty quickly, the splints are still holding and I should get Ashley back in prime condition soon. The bike shop is closed today because it is Sunday… I’ve lost all track of days to be honest. I’m checked into a hotel though and tomorrow should get the bike fixed, some clothes washed, and my food restocked. I may get a late start tomorrow and knock out some miles or I may stay in Jasper an extra day.

An extra day could be a good thing. After this weekend I have a lot of things floating around my head that I would like to get on paper, including the beginning of a novel. Some of you know part of this journey was to gain inspiration for my writing and things are starting to come together. A day in small town Indiana will be very productive on that front.

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