Day 22: Jasper the Friendly Town

After a good nights sleep I set out to get my errands done. I dropped off the bike for repairs, there is good news and bad news on this front. The good news is that the wheel can be replaced quickly and I should be on the road tomorrow morning. The bad news is that any other repairs will take two weeks so I can’t hang around and get them here. The employees were cool and it had a hometown feel, I’m always a bit nervous with bike shops due to the pretentious tendencies. It probably won’t be until St. Louis later this week that I’ll be near another bike shop to get more work done. Hopefully they won’t be so backed up.

I was able to restock my food and supplies while here in Jasper. It’s been a pretty calm day and I should be able to get some writing done. I may even explore the local town and see what’s going on in this little place. I’m in a coffee shop now and everyone that walks in is greeted by name, the employees seem nice but a little unsure of my presence. I don’t think Jasper, Indiana gets a lot of outside visitors. There is a noticeably high police presence here though…

The hotel I stayed out was what I expected, cheap and practical. I tried to use the “fitness center” but all the weight equipment was broken and I don’t feel like I need much more cardio in my life. It was definitely a good day of recharging but I’m antsy to hit the road. I haven’t put down real miles in four days and there is a lot of people to meet still. Tomorrow: Illinois.

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