All the experiences of this weekend got me thinking about one of my salvia experiences. It surprises some people that I smoke salvia as a meditational assistant. It is legal but seems to be popular among party kids which kind of baffles me, it isn’t really a social drug.

The trip I’ve been thinking about started like they always do for me. A feeling of weightlessness as I lay in the dark with calm music playing. My eyes are always closed when I meditate and soon the visuals started. I always feel like I’m flying and I fly through a tunnel that twists and turns, along the walls of the cave are cilia-like objects that wave in unison. I soon land among the cilia to see that they are actually a huge mass of people with their hands raised into the air.

The people never have faces, instead the face is blank and somewhat resembles a fencer’s mask. The closest person usually starts to walk away and I follow. This is where each meditation starts to really differ. I’m usually still mentally resistant and try to consciously guide the action, this never works and usually leads to unpleasant experiences. It isn’t until I let go that things go smoothly.

This particular trip was uneventful until the near the end, I don’t really remember most of it. The end is very memorable though. I found myself living inside a giant oak tree. The tree seemed to be linked to me mentally, if I wanted a window the bark would separate and give me a window or if I need more place to walk the inside would swell to grant me that space. From the outside the tree looked like a normal oak but the inside was a fully furnished home but the furniture was all leaves, roots, and wood.

I walk out of the house and find the tree is on the shore of a beach. I walk along the beach for a while and the feeling of sand beneath my toes is the most important thing to me. I hear footsteps approach from behind but instead of turning I stick out my hand and feel a small one grab it. I know it is my son who is about 6 years old and we walk along the beach together.

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