If only I was younger….

I’ve met a lot of people so far on the road. Some young, some old, but they generally have something in common, they make some remark similar to “I’d love to do something like your doing if only…”. To quote Jan from The Office, “There’s always a reason not to do something”. This makes me wonder how many people are serious about their bucket lists and how many actually pursue them.

It seems life moves so quickly and if you aren’t proactively preparing and doing the things you want in life it will quickly pass you by. I’ve met so many people who appear to have a hint of regret in their eyes when talking about the things they would do if they were younger, more fit, more financially stable, etc. With the exception of age (which isn’t as big of a deal in my opinion) all the other excuses can be overcome by the individual. There were many days I had to ask myself “Do I want a case of beer or funding for my bike ride?” or “Do I want to eat this pizza or be in shape for Burning Man?”.

Truly living your life sometimes means sacrificing the small pleasures for the big thrills. It means taking chances and embracing the unknown. I realize that I am less risk-adverse than many, I don’t mind a life of instability and the unknown, but that doesn’t mean only people like me can knock things off their bucket lists. Life isn’t going to set-up a trip to Australia, learning to scuba dive, running a marathon, or any of the potential journeys for us. It takes a proactive person to live without regrets and it takes a heart and mind that knows what it really wants. There are few barriers a that a dedicated heart and mind can’t overcome.

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