Day 29: Four Weeks

I have officially been riding for four weeks now. The morning started like most, I woke up, packed up, and found a source of energy (coffee for me and electricity for my phone). I hit the highways again today, I’ll be on Highway 50 pretty much all day, which means back to focusing on traffic and less time to reflect. I’m getting into a pretty good writing/eating/resting routine. I basically stop every 20-25 miles for 45ish minutes to take care of everything. I really feel in a groove now and am looking forward to today’s ride.

The ride along my old friend US-50 has been smooth with light rolling hills. I’m in the sun a bit more than I’d like but I’m staying hydrated and taking breaks regularly. There isn’t much to really discuss about the ride so far, I did see a team of cyclists on the other side of the road but it has just been me and the cars for the most part.

About two-thirds of the way through my ride today I encountered a construction zone where the right lane and shoulder where coned off. This presented a problem for me because I was riding on the shoulder. With very little thought I decided that the cones were dumb and just went around them and continued on the shoulder. It was awesome, I basically had a two lane highway to myself. Soon though I came upon the road crews who were repaying the right hand lane they were very friendly and chatted with me as steam rollers went by, they even moved their vehicles out of my way and waved as I rode past. The only real downside was the damage the random spots of hot asphalt probably did to my tires. I am going to a repair shop tomorrow and planned on replacing them anyway, the front has close to 1700 miles on it and the rear 1300. They are getting worn and I could use something more durable for the upcoming 600 mile paved trek to Colorado.

Around 5pm I made it to my destination for tonight, the home of my former XO’s in-laws. It is a beautiful country home with wildlife all around. Birds, deer, and other creatures hang out in plain site nearby. The backyard is heavily shaded and provided the perfect atmosphere for evening conversation over a few cold beers. I had the pleasure of talking with Henry and Karen for a while tonight about all sorts of things. We shared pictures and stories and they have sparked a serious interest to visit their daughter and Tim in Thailand this fall.

Tonight is one of those nights when I think to myself that this trip is becoming more than I ever hoped and all that I desired. I continue to meet amazing loving people, see wonderful sites, and get to know myself a little better. Even when plans change things seem okay. For example, my original housing for tomorrow in Kansas City just had to cancel but she was able to coordinate for me to stay at her boyfriends house with his roommate. It seems intuitively strange to stay with so done like this, but he’ll I’ve stayed with strangers on couchsurfing so why not someone who a trusted friend vouches for? No matter what happens it will add to the adventure.

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