It’s kind of poetic actually. Today is the beginning of the “Transition” phase of my ride if we stick with the Rite of Passage mental model and in the last 24 hours everything has been changed. Yesterday I had a plan to stay in Kansas City, a route to Denver, and The same bike that I’ve had for 1500 miles. But the river of life had other plans so the most I can do is row with the flow, but it is difficult even given my generally carefree attitude.

I’m entering what I consider the most psychotic ally stressful leg of the journey, and that is without the changes that just happened. The terrain ahead of me is going to be hot, monotonous, removed from help, and devoid of any friends or acquaintances. There is also a lack of trees which in the past has provided me with both physical and mental comfort. All of at will be gone and it will be just me out there. The chances of me being able to regularly get online or charge my phone are also going to keep lessening as I head west. With the new changes I’m on a route I have not thoroughly checked and on an unfamiliar bike.

It is going to be a challenging but rewarding experience as I enter the heart of my journey.

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