Day 32: Up Hill, Down Hill, Repeat

My day started as most of them do, the sun came over the trees and blasted me in the face. I tried to ignore it but when you live in a tent that is little more than a bug net it’s pretty tough to ignore bright lights. I grudgingly got up and packed my stuff, knowing that my morning grumpiness would pass I after a few miles I hit the road while the air was still cool and crisp.

I got to talk to Rebecca last night which was really nice and my morning ride to breakfast was filled with thoughts of the things we discussed. Things like relationships and marriage came up, as they often do with her. She is actually going to be in the Midwest soon and I want to swing by and see her but I’m not sure yet if I can.

I have a lot of highway miles ahead of me today as I hop to my next campsite. With rolling hills and plains on every side it is lovely but kind of boring. I’ve been taking fewer pictures partly because of the lack of inspiration and partly to conserve battery life. Electricity isn’t terribly scarce out here but with my spare battery extender thing broken and campsites varying in amenities I would rather be safe than sorry.

After some good miles I actually found a public rest area. This is the first one I’ve come across, I guess I am getting out in the boonies a bit, even for these highways. It wasn’t much but a water refill and some shade are really valuable to me. I settled in for the night near a small town called Yates Center that claims to be the “Hay Capital of the World”. Unfortunately my iCharger broke today and there isn’t a place to replace it until Wichita in two days so posting will be light or non-existent for a few days.

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