Day 36: Dear Farmers, I found the missing rain…

Well, I’m soaked and so is most of my stuff. I managed to keep important things and electronics dry but pretty much everything else is wet. I also woke up to a flat tube on my rear wheel, I’m not sure what’s going on there.

I decided to stay in town, rest, and do a little sightseeing and recharging. I found a little coffee shop to set up at and the owner doesn’t really seem to care. He’s not talkative or anything, he’s just busy restocking shelves and stuff. That’s fine because I’m not really in a talkative mood. The rain is supposed to keep up until midnight so tomorrow morning I’m going to try and get things dried out and hit the road. My next planned stop is Meade, about 80 miles away.

After noon the weather actually cleared up and I was able to dry out most my stuff. I also checked on the tire and there were a bunch of thorns in the tire and tube. I’m guessing these tires on Harmony are not nearly as durable as the ones on Ashley and can’t handle the trail improvisation I sometimes do. I am going to check to see if there are reasonably priced tires at the next city. I can’t keep blowing a tube a day.

I had a good time playing tourist. I went to the worlds deepest hand dug well, it was pretty cool and the museum was about a lot more than the well. It really was a tribute to the rebuilding and green efforts of the last few years. As I thought there was a lot of Broken Window issues. The Feds and state injected a ton of money into the rebuilding and there was a subtle implications that the destruction was a good thing because they could rebuild better than before. I know Krugman disagrees but destruction of wealth is never a good thing. I think the world would be better off if everyone read and understood Bastiat.

Because I was able to camp for free my daily supply budget had a little extra cash in it so I decided to go to the local Mexican restaurant for some food and a Corona. It was amazing. I’m getting so close to the southwest I can literally taste it. So. Good.

I’m starting to think that the people of Kansas are great I just kind of look like a crazy person, like I’m fresh out of the desert and haven’t eaten much more than locusts and honey over the last 40 days. On first glance I probably cause a moment of concern, luckily my big blue eyes and subtle smile win most people over.

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