Day 37: Here Comes the Desert

Mmm, I feel pretty rested. A day off did my body good. Unfortunately I woke up to a low rear tube… Again. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve checked the tire and wheel and can’t find anything that is rubbing or puncturing my tubes. I think there is a bike shop in Liberal, maybe they will have an idea.

I’ve been a little frustrated today. I’ve blown another tube and spent about an hour on the side of the road patching tubes and calming down. I’m making good speed though and have really enjoyed riding through western Kansas. In Meade I found a cool little BBQ/coffee joint that has been around for less than a year. The owner was really friendly and we chatted about entrepreneurship and the lessons her kids were learning here. It reminded me a lot of working for my grandfather part time in high school. I look very fondly upon those days.

Today’s ride was pretty smooth and not a lot to really report. The scenery is changing and I feel like I’m closer to the desert than before. I also got a lot of time to think, I’m still sorting some stuff out but I’m sure there is a blog post or two floating around my brain. Tomorrow I should enter Oklahoma and get to a bike shop in Guymon. Guymon is the largest city in the Oklahoma panhandle with a staggering 11,000 people. Oh well, they have food and supplies which is all I need really. As I look towards New Mexico cities that offer those are becoming less common and some interstate riding is going to be necessary. In fact, I may need to do a serious reroute soon, the bike directions google gave me have me on 200 miles of back roads without a single city. No bueno.

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