Day 38: Well Harmony, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

After a pleasant little rest at a rest stop outside of Liberal, Kansas I made quick work of the rest of the state and entered Oklahoma. I stopped for a little rest in the little town of Hooker where I took amusing pictures of signs and pretty much couldn’t stop giggling like a 13 year old. I have a feeling the city plays with the name and take it in jest. After all, their baseball team is the Horny Toads and the only thing on the main drag besides two gas stations and some industrial plants is a Chinese massage parlor that specializes in full body massages.

No, I did not get a massage but if I earn the funds to do this again I totally will. I also saw a huge rabbit with giant ears hop across the plains and my first thought was: chupacabra.

The road has been pretty smooth with a few light hills. When I got about 8 miles from Guymon I saw the most beautiful site Ives seen in a while. I came over a hill and the valley lay before me with Guymon on the distance. It is a beautiful sunny day with rolling clouds and every detail was visible. There was a symmetry to the scene, part nature and part human ingenuity. Railroads cut threw hills next to untouched plains with farmland scattered about. It was like humans came, took just what they needed, and left the rest intact. It just seemed so balanced with no obsession with nature or industry but both working together. I took a pic but I doubt it does it justice.

Once in Guymon I got Harmony tuned up and back on the road in less then two hours. I’m making good time with the steady flat roads and more moderate weather. I have had three 100 mile days and tomorrow looks like it will be similar. Part of the reason is a lack of shiny objects and short term goals. From DC until Kansas City there was always a person or site 2-4 days away to look forward to. That may change soon though. I think I’m going to alter my path a little and try to get down to Roswell before Albuquerque, the XFiles fan in me is fascinated by the opportunity. It is going to come down to money, I certainly have the timeout I nearing the end of my journey and money is tight. This will be on my mind a lot tomorrow and I should have a day and a half before I need to make a decision.

I realize I haven’t posted an ideas post in a while. I have a few drafted but they seem negative and kind of dark. I’m not sure I want to post them yet. I think part of the problem is how I’ve felt a bit down lately. I’m feeling better today and a few ideas are drifting around my head.

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