Day 40: Just the Tip*

After sleeping in a bit Jake and I hit the road and quickly finished up Texas. We really only were in it for a bit and I don’t even really count it. The roads have been pretty good today but a little bit of rain came our way. We ended up stopping in a town called Clayton for food and stayed a while to stock up on supplies and recharge everything. A nice pastor was eating lunch at the same place as us and actually bought us our meal. It was really great of him and we really appreciated his generosity.

The next leg is about 80 miles without any towns so we want to be sure we have everything. Right now the plan is to knock out a few hours tonight and then sleep on the highway. We were actually told about some nice farmers along our route by our waitress so if we get to them we may see if we can set up on their land.

It looks like I won’t have phone, electricity, or Internet for a couple days so I’m posting this before I hit the road again. Updates will likely be rare for a bit.

*For Jen Jones

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