Day 43: The Chai Tea I’ve Been Seeking Since Kansas City

We woke early today and after a cup off coffee at Paul’s place we headed out and got an amazing breakfast at a local restaurant. We weren’t able to stay around Vegas too long because we had miles ahead and another couchsurfing adventure in Santa Fe. Two girls and a guy who are burners offered up the soft corners of their home for us tonight.

The first 25 miles or so have been a beautiful ride. There have been some hills but overall it has been a great morning with smooth roads and few winds. It got a little rougher after that but when we got on I-25 for a few miles it was the sweetest ride ever. We had constant downhill for about three miles that weaved through valleys. Harmony and I hit 35 mph at one point. It was a huge rush.

When we got to Santa Fe one of our couchsurfing hosts, Whitney, was at work but invited us to her work to enjoy some great food. I finally got some iced chai tea… I’ve been craving it since Missouri and had not found a coffee shop that serves it. It was heaven. The food was also fantastic, in fact, this whole town has a great vibe. It has joined Pittsburgh on my list of surprise cities that I could live in for a year or two.

Our host had to work for a while so she gave us her house key and we got settled in. The house is amazing and has a great bohemian hippie vibe. There are musical instruments, bikes, skateboards, and tie dye shirts all over. Jake and I settled in on an amazing back deck and soon Kristin, another host, came home.

In the end the three hosts, Jake, and I stayed up until about 2am on the back deck talking and playing games. Everyone laughed a ton and seemed to have a great time.

1 thought on “Day 43: The Chai Tea I’ve Been Seeking Since Kansas City

  1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- 40 Day Dream and Home. If you haven’t listened to those songs yet, what’s wrong with you? Seriously, though, Home is an appropriate addition to your life’s soundtrack right now, brother. Enjoy yourself. Stay safe, and hope you can make it to us before we leave in December.

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