Day 44: Gophers in Paisley Socks

The night was a short one but the sleep refreshing. It took me a while to fall asleep because I had a lot on my mind. I realized that my introverted side came out in force during the time we all hung out. I think it was the combination of strong personalities and having several people I didn’t know. I just don’t work well n that environment, it has been a while since it hit me that hard though.

Our hosts offered to let us stay for as long as we want. It was a tempting offer, the most tempting so far… The people that live here are the people I want to surround myself with. They just radiate love, peace, and positive vibes. In the end I decided it was best for me to leave today but I know that our paths will cross again on the playa or elsewhere.

Jake and I hit the road a little later than normal towards Albuquerque. We had to stop and get a few supplies for the road. Money is getting a bit tight but I am approaching the home stretch and think I will be fine. Jake and I decided on a slightly longer but more scenic route and it has been amazing. We passed through a great little city called Madrid that is just filled with art and creativity. When we were approaching Madrid we stopped to look at some sculptures and paintings on the side of the road. The artist, Ken, chatted with us a bit and we shared cycling stories. He cycled through England and Mexico during the 60’s and had an adventure or two. He was a great guy and his friendly demeanor was represented throughout the town.

The rest of the ride was really good. There were some rough uphill rides but also some great downhills that really got he speed and adrenaline up. There were some great characters on the road including a woman named Barbie Fox (who looked exactly like you expect), a guy in an Audi who was very angry oat our existence, and several cyclists who chatted with us. It was a fun ride overall and ended in a 15-20 mile smooth downhill ride into Albuquerque.

Once we got into town we dropped our stuff off at Jake’s sister’s house and grabbed some dinner. We will be staying in town for a day or two to rest and resupply. I’m looking forward to exploring this town for a bit and letting Harmony rest.

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