Day 45: ABQ

The day off in Albuquerque was filled with errands, planning, and a little site seeing. Before we got started on business Jake’s sister, Kelly, took us on a tour of Tamarind College. She studies and works there and I found it incredibly interesting to see some of how the art print process works.

After that we had a breakfast planning meeting and plotted the course for the next few days. It looks like we will head south to Socorro and then west by northwest where we will meet up with Route 66. This path should keep us off the interstate most of the time and provide a balance between heat and mountains.

Overall I liked Albuquerque but prefer Santa Fe. It was a cool town with some interesting quirks, including an Irish bar that specializes in margaritas and a place called Sahara Middle Eastern Restaurant. There are also a lot more tattoo parlors and yoga studies than I expected but I’m guessing the large university and other small colleges account for some of that.

Well, it was a good little rest and I have new tires and tubes that should g me through the rest of the trip. It looks like I may be entering another period of scarce wifi and electricity but I’ll try to keep things updated.

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