Jake and Ride For Alex

Many of you have asked who I started riding with last week and I feel an introduction to him and his cause is long overdo. Jake Hames is a friend of mine from Los Angeles who I met when I flew in for Beyond Wonderland last February. He rode from Chicago to Minneapolis where he visited some family and then headed south meeting up with me in Texas.

While my journey is one of personal reflection and adventure he is riding for a completely different reason. His friend’s son (Alex) was born on February 24 with serious health complications. The medical bills associated with his treatment are extremely large and Jake is raising money to help out Alex and his family. If you have a few dollars to donate to Alex that would be amazing, every little bit helps and none of the money is funding the ride, it is all going straight to Alex’s family.

If you can help please visit www.ride4alex.com

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