Day 48: Living Up to your Name

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we left the Toaster House after some pancakes and coffee for breakfast. We originally were going to go back to the same place we had dinner last night for our morning meal but instead felt the need to cook at Toaster House. Besides, Jake was kind of avoiding the waitress who had her eyes in him last night.

There really is not much to report today about the actual ride. We left New Mexico Nd arrived in Arizona in the afternoon. It became very apparent that Arizona handles mountains differently than New Mexico. Where NM will build longer distance roads around peaks Arizona just builds straight roads up and over. We had a lot of big climbs and big descents. It was fun but Harmony can’t really stay stable over 28mph with a full load and crosswinds. Also, the roads in Arizona are pretty narrow on Hwy 60 and the shoulders are non-existent.

Overall we rode close to 100 miles and pushed well past Springerville towards Show Low. We aren’t rushing but we also aren’t hanging around towns just because. If there is no reason to stay we move on.

In the end I liked New Mexico and definitely want to go back to the Land of Enchantment. I had some of my best experiences of the ride there and met some amazing people. It was a truly magical experience for me and I hope to revisit everywhere when I have the time.

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