Day 50: Arizona… Why don’t you like me?

As we left the restaurant last night an emergency broadcast came on the radio announcing thunderstorms and hail throughout the night. Jake and I both agreed that this meant one thing for our camping in the park: it was gonna rock. We got over to the park and Jake set up his tent on a picnic table and we hung the hammock up for me to sleep in. We were in a pavilion so we were pretty safe. It turned out to be unnecessary because barely any rain fell.

The day was filled with a pretty awesome start. There were some hills but for the most part the ride was downhill. There was even a 6-mile 6% downhill where Harmony performed wonderfully she hit 38.9mph smoothly riding down the mountains.

The roads of Arizona are filed with Adopt A Highway signs that are dedicated to deceased people. It seems like a strange tribute to me and I would like it to be known if I die I do not want time, energy, or money spent to honor me in this way. Through a party or something instead.

After lunch Jake and I decided to alter our course and head south to Phoenix. The weather reports showed 100+ degree heat everywhere so we looked at elevation and distance as the primary factors. Our new route takes us to Phoenix then west towards LA. We have had to fight some mountains through the evening but things should flatten out.

By time the sun went down we found a ice camping spot off the highway about 40 miles north of Phoenix. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play nice. It rained… A lot… All night long. My gear is soaked, I didn’t get sleep, and our water supplies are a bit low. It’s a 30 mile ride into Fountain Hill to get resupplied so tomorrow is going to be a long morning. Thankfully there are several couchsurfing offers so tomorrow there will be some much needed showering.

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