Day 52: Eating Like Hobbits

After a few hours of sleep on a real bed make and I hit the road fairly early in the morning. With the hot desert ahead it was important to knock out miles early on. The road was mostly flat with very light rolling terrain. The sites are a little monotonous but I find the desert beautiful so it hasn’t bothered me. We are being extra cautious with the heat and stopping pretty often when shade is available and keeping a lot of water on us. I’ve also reduced my coffee intake to one cup in the morning so that I can keep hydrated.

Towns are pretty regular though many businesses have some funky hours. Lots of them close around 2pm making it difficult to know when we will have shelter in an actual restaurant. So far water is easy to come by with most places having hoses on the outside of their buildings. Apparently it is also illegal not to provide someone with water in Arizona if they ask for it… We haven’t needed to really ask yet but I find that interesting. I also overheard someone talking who said that killing cattle is punishable by hanging in Arizona and he knows someone on death row for that… So, yeah… I’m not sure how accurate these legislative rumors I hear are.

Last night we spent some time talking with our CS host about our eating habits. While on the road I have been consuming massive amounts of food. My dining schedule basically looks like this:
– wake up and drink coffee and eat breakfast
– ride
– 2nd breakfast
– ride
– tea and snack
– ride
– elevensies
– ride
– lunch
– ride
– snack
– ride
– dinner
– ride
– snack before bed

I’ll need to change this when I get into LA…

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