Day 53: Nearly Nude Bike Rider

We left our camp early again today in hopes of avoiding some of the heat. Overall we were successful, unfortunately the breakfast spots we mapped out were both closed. It may seem strange to map out multiple spots for one meal but most of the information online is wrong about a lot of these small towns. It works best to have several food/water spots mapped out.

The second spot did have some shade so Jake made some coffee while we relaxed a bit. By that time we had travelled about 15 miles before having a real meal. There was water and we had trail mix and other snacks so it wasn’t a big deal. We hit the road again and spent some time on the interstate to cross the California border. Unfortunately My phone fell out somewhere on the highway so I’m phoneless for a while.

The road today was pretty uneventful, we arrived at our camping spot fairly early and had time to relax a bit. Normally arriving this early would mean we would push on further but the next water spot is over 40 miles away. That’s too far to travel tonight so I stead we are resting up and hitting the road at first light with a full stock of water.

We ended up at a different campsite than originally planned thanks to a kind firefighter who saw us roll into town. She told us about a place where we could set up for free and had electricity and a shower. There was even a fire pit. We cooked up some brats and much to our surprise the firefighter brought us a six-pack of beer. Beer, brats, a river, and a campfire… Not a bad way to end a long day of riding.

As I come upon my last couple days on the road I find myself focusing (and worrying) about how things will work in LA. Finances, a job, an apartment, writing the book, school, my next adventure, and more long term goals are starting to cloud my mind and take away from the journey. The rational part of me knows that worry won’t help but it still happens. I’m glad I have a strong foundation of friends in LA to help me but I don’t want them to feel like I’m taking advantage. All in good time things will be taken care of, I just need to stay in the moment and enjoy that which is around me.

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