Day 57: Sunset

Waking was a little rough this morning after the night filled with sprinklers. As we were packing up the park rangers approached us and we arranged to pay for the night. For the first time we were treated pretty poorly by someone, the rangers were rude, condescending, and just kind of dicks. Oh well, with the last day in front of us it was impossible to really hurt my mood.

Josh, Jake, and I met up with Christopher and Steven a few miles down the path. Our day was slow because we had to change about 8 tubes on two bikes all morning. It was a combination of rough roads, bad luck, and patched tubes not performing. Eventually we found a shop and picked up some brand new tubes eliminating future problems.

Despite the slow and often frustrating start the ride was wonderful. With a mostly flat terrain and amazing scenery along the beach it was impossible to remove the smile from my face. It ended with a very poetic arrival right as the sun set on Santa Monica beach. Waiting for our arrival were several friends with whom we chatted and took pictures.

Afterward we went over to Peter and Emily’s house to have a nice relaxing celebration. While my body was tired my spirit was very much alive and I had a great time. I can’t imagine life without the friends I have in my life, the support I’ve received has blown my mind and I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

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