I found out today that a soldier I once served with passed away last Thursday. To be honest, it has hit me harder than I expected. Peter Fedorka joined my unit (C Co, 3/504 PIR) on the same day I did, he also has the same first and middle name as me. While the years drifted us apart, as they tend to do, I still feel a lot of heart break upon his passing. It is not easy to explain the brotherhood and camaraderie that comes from serving in combat with someone. Even now, as I am a vocal critic of war and military occupation around the globe, I still feel a kinship with the men I served with and I know they will always be my brothers. I know that if I needed help I could count on them for support.

Fedorka and I didn’t know each other well, we were in different platoons and didn’t really run in the same social circles. But a part of me feels great loss at his passing and it brings to light my own mortality. I don’t know what happens when this body ceases, I have theories and hopes, but it is something that really can’t be objectively known. We really only have this life. 

My thoughts and love go out to his children, wife, and family. I hope they find comfort and peace in time. Peter is still loved and in his life he loved. If there is more after these bodies fade I hope he finds peace and love as well.

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