Life Update

Oh hai!

I kind of came to realize that I have not really updated people on my life via this blog. While my rantings on polyamory, sex, love, nudism, anarchy, etc. are entertaining to me this blog also serves as a way to log my life in general. So, here is a little life update.

This week I moved in with my partner. Her and I are going on a year long bicycle ride around the US and Canada next year and to help keep focused on that goal and save money we decided to move in together. We have been dating for 8ish months and if we are going to spend a year together it seems to make sense to get used to the idea of being around each other a lot. To be honest, I was very skeptical of this idea at first. The last time I lived with a partner was my ex-fiance in 2005 and that did not end well. I am a different person now and it would be crazy unreasonable for me to treat the two live-in situations the same. My partner now is a mature, responsible, generous, encouraging person while my ex-fiance was young and unready for a serious relationship (but so was I at the time).

Last weekend I was able to go up to Portland and see my family. This is the first time I’ve met my niece (who is tiny… I don’t know, 3 months?) which was cool. I also got to see my nephew for the second time, he is almost 2 years old now but he doesn’t remember me from my last visit 18 months ago. My siblings and I still get along great and I am finding I enjoy having adult siblings, while I may not agree with everything they do or believe they are very capable of articulating their reasons and we leave with respect for each other. They are also a lot of fun to just have a beer with and play Cards Against Humanity.

One of the highlights of this trip was seeing an old high school friend and his wife. We all kind of lost touch after I joined the army and he got married but it looks like that is changing. We all seem eager to reform our friendship and keep up with each other more. I missed him a lot and I’m glad that things seem to be getting better.

Oh yeah, I also sat next to an awesome anarchist girl on the plane ride from LA to Portland. We talked the whole trip and I am sure we terrified most of the people eavesdropping on us.

Hmm, other than that there is not a lot going on. Work is the standard stuff that pays the bills and keeps me partying. I did get my Burning Man tickets which is crazy exciting. There is a lot to say about Burning Man and going with my partner this year, it will be my first time going while in a relationship and her first time going at all. I’ll probably have to do a BM prep blog post as the time approaches.

Well, stay safe and free out there beautiful people. I’m just counting down the hours until I leave work and head to a kick ass 4th of July party where I get to share my sangria. I am weirdly nervous about this because my sangria is one of the few artistic things I allow others to see and am very proud of. I just hope it goes over well.

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