Leg 5: Il est putain de froid

Leg 5 takes us back into Canada and into the US Northeast… land of woods, mountains, and some pretty awesome cities. We will also be going to a good chunk of the Six Flags theme parks. I’m really looking forward to exploring some of this area and these cities. I’ve been to Boston and Philly before but never just as a tourist. It will also be filled with lots of friends in New York and Pittsburgh. The 2300 miles and 60 days will end in one of my favorite cities, Pittsburgh. Some highlights are:

  • Six Flags La Ronde, Great Lodge, New England, Great Adventure
  • Niagara Falls
  • Lake Ontario
  • Museum of Sex
  • Halloween in New York City!!!!!!
  • Awesome cities that I know (Boston, Philly, DC, Pittsburgh)
  • Awesome cities that I don’t know (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, NYC)
  • Keene Freestaters

Leg 5

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