30 Days to a Better Man – Day 2: Shine Your Shoes

Oh goodness… the ole’ shoe shine. I was actually looking forward to this. In the military I used to love shining my shoes (as well as cleaning my weapon), something about the repetitive simple action calmed me and I did some great internal reflection during that time. So, here I am with the only two pairs of dress shoes I own, fresh Kiwi, and a cold Guinness, just like old times… I even have a wedding coming up so maybe I’ll bust out these shiners.

Hmm… these “skill” based ones are going to take a whole lot less blogging probably. I’ll try to be more entertaining in the future. To be honest, the most difficult part of this was actually acquiring the materials. Kiwi and stuff is easy to come by but motivation can be lacking, particularly after a long day at work and 25 miles total biking too and from work. I had to really convince myself to detour to a store for a task that I didn’t think would be a challenge at all, but I knew that if I slacked on a small challenge I would make excuses for myself on the bigger issues.

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