How Much Do You Need?

I stumbled upon this article this morning and it really spoke to me. The article is titled “You Don’t Have To Be Rich In Your 20′s” has kind of a corny title but touches on something that I think is very important. Much of our 20′s and 30′s are spent in an unnecessary rush to secure money, settle into one location, and set up a sense of security. This may not be the best way to live. We no longer live in a time when you need to jump straight into a career or family in your early adulthood, there is time to explore your desires and creativity. Too often we are encouraged to sacrifice our wishes, our sense of adventure, our drive to explore, and the incredible life lessons that come from loving, heartbreak, and making “mistakes”.

There is such a rush to gain some sort of sense of security, security which is more of an illusion than reality. Big bank accounts, owning a home, settling into a job that makes you miserable, and jumping into a family while young sounds like security but it is fleeting and can dissappear much more quickly than it came. And what good is this security anyway if you are told to subdue your life, desires, and friendships… what is the point of falling in line and feeling safe it if it kills your soul? Life is something to be actively experienced, not viewed from a distance behind a white picket fence or a computer monitor. We probably only get one chance at life on this rock, I think that one chance shouldn’t be gambled away on the safe bet. Whether you are 20, 40, 45, or 95 years old it is not too late to get an adrenaline rush, scare yourself, travel to new lands, fall in love, and go to the grave assured that you had a kick ass time. 

The whole article is good and a quick read, check it out if you have a few minutes. (You Don’t Have To Be Rich In Your 20′s)

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