Some Notes

So, I’ve been fucking terrible at transferring over the stuff from my bike ride blog to here. I plan on doing a lot more writing on this blog it is probably for the best. If you want to keep following my two year bicycle tour around the country check us out at for the R-Rated version and for the G-Verstion.

The bike ride obviously creates logistical difficulties but I have two things in the work for this blog: an analysis of myself and diving into the morality of Christ. The analysis is mostly for myself and came about because of an anonymous criticism I faced recently. I am a big proponant of self-analysis and constantly questioning yourself (I hate the idea of being stagnant) so I plan on doing a post about many of my views including why I identify as polyamorous, atheist pagan, libertarian anarchist, vegan, pansexuality, nudist/body positive, sex positive, my currant monogamish relationship, BDSM interests, and minimalism. I think it will be interesting to put my views explicitly down for future Peter to look at. Hopefully I can get about one of these up a week or so.

That’s me moving forward, we shall see how well I stick with it. 

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