Holiday Decorations

My apartment complex recently left a flyer on our door letting us know that we are allowed to decorate our patios and balconies for the holidays. I am kind of torn. As a pagan one of the symbols I would likely use for Winter Solstice is a pentagram, something that is commonly associated with Satanism. Missoula isn’t a particularly conservative area, it isn’t like living in South Carolina or anything, but I somehow doubt there are many spiritual practices outside of Christianity and it may draw some unwanted attention to my apartment.

I don’t particularly want to put up any decorations, that sort of celebrating was never really my thing. My spiritual practice is fairly private, which is fairly common, some estimates say 50% of pagans are solitary practitioners. Also, the minimalist in me really doesn’t like to own unnecessary stuff that is only used for a week out of the year. I also don’t think I could get into any trouble with my apartment complex, though they might be able to tell me to take it down depending on complaints and my lease agreement.

So I am mostly against the idea, but there is still a drive inside of me to wave my freak flag as a way of attracting friends and encouraging others who might not be able to be open about who they are. I am in a good life position, thanks to the choices I made and the hand I was dealt at birth (especially being cis-gendered, white, male, and from a stable family) and I feel a personal obligation to not hide my more controversial views in the shadows. Equality and understanding comes when we stop viewing people who are different as “the other”, and that can only happen when the more mainstream members of society get to know us. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell my neighbors that I am pagan (just like I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them I am pansexual, polyamorous, atheist, anarchist, etc) but I am just not sure if I should shout it from my balcony.

I still have some time to mull it over. If I do put up a simple pentagram (maybe with a banner that says Blessed Solstice) it can wait until the 21st, which also happens to be a New Moon. I won’t be celebrating with anyone, like I said, my spirituality is kind of a private practice, but I may check out the Unitarian church in town and perform some magick alone at home if I can find a ceremony that speaks to me. Oh well, we will see what happens.
(Note: This is the first post in my attempt to blog every day for 30 days… basically this is what I was thinking about while stocking groceries today. Each day is going to be different, on some days I may go deep into subjects like sex, drugs, relationships, religion, etc, or maybe give my thoughts on current events, or talk about my past, or do a book review… you know, whatever kind of drifts into my brain each day)

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