30 Day Update

Well, I’ve been trying to make some life changes for the last 30 days or so. I’m not sure exactly how many days it has been, which probably tells you how well it is going. I basically sucked at writing daily, between work and life I just didn’t make the time that I needed to, but I’m going to keep trying. I am going to scale back my goal to 2-3 blog posts a week and I’m going to start bringing my computer to work because I tend to get a lot of alone time with my thoughts at work while stocking. It just makes sense to have my computer on me, if I want to really get into writing and make it a big part of my life I need to have my artistic tools available as often as possible. Hopefully I can get some more constructive posts out with this new approach.

The one goal that I’ve done a pretty good job sticking with is limiting my coffee to only a couple cups in the morning. It seems like it is much easier for me to cut things out of my life that are harmful than it is for me to add good habits. I have started minimizing my trash by purchasing my breakfast cereal in bulk and switching over to a french press with bulk coffee. The major step is going to be cooking from home more and only cooking with bulk foods and produce. A positive side effect will be that this is likely healthier and really easy to continue towards veganism.

So, I guess that is what I am going to work on for the next 30 days or so. I’ll try to write more consistently, keep coffee low, minimize trash, cook more, and try to be vegan. Hmm, those aren’t very specific… okay, I’ll think up something to add that is very specific. Maybe reading for at least an hour a day (Zeus knows I need to get through the 15ish books I have before I leave Missoula), meditating daily, or actively doing some sex/psychology research and classes. I just need to figure out a system to make it happen like using my phone timer or not allowing myself to drink beer or watch Netflix/Hulu until I accomplish it.

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