A Week of Nutritional Changes

After taking a few days to think about it I have decided to try changing my diet a bit for seven days, I don’t think I could go a full 30 (at least not without this trial period). This change will be a combination of many of my goals, including eating healthier, minimizing my trash impact, and learning to cook more things. It also may encourage me to exercise and write more.

So, the changes are simply this. All my purchases for the next week will be bulk foods (meaning no trash). Instead of buying prepared stuff from work I will be cooking my meals and not eating anything processed. My breakfasts will mostly be granola, oatmeal, fruits, and shakes, while my other meals will probably be a lot of soups, stews, chili, and bowls. I will also be cutting out alcohol except when I go to a brewery tomorrow for a food drive.

Hopefully the fresh food and lack of alcohol will have me feeling even healthier and more motivated to learn, write, create, and work-out more. I think it will also save me money, though it will take more planning and preparation ahead of time. I will still use some of the food I have around the house that I’ve already purchased but will try to minimize that and stick with fresh stuff. If this works out I hope to implement a lot of it into my life long-term by drinking in more moderation and eating home-cooked fresh stuff as much as possible.

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