7-Day Update

It’s been 7 days since I decided to make some life changes, particularly concerning my nutrition. Basically, I wanted to try to make all my food from bulk or produce, and keep it vegan. I also planned on cutting down on my beer intake, which would hopefully help with other good habits like exercising, writing, reading, etc. The results were pretty good, but not ideal. I did learn a few things along the way.

Organization – I found organizing my goals into a spreadsheet that I keep open on my computer really helped. It was the first thing I saw in the morning and last thing I saw before going to bed. Just having it as a tab open on my browser was a constant reminder to be more productive instead of watching a bunch of stuff on Netflix. There is a screenshot below. The upper goals are what I was working on this week and what my original goal was, the lower goals are things I plan on introducing soon and include music, foreign language, specific exercises that I hate (like working abs), artistic stuff, coding, etc.

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 11.41.23

Nutrition – Attempting to eliminate packaging and other waste from my food purchases went pretty well. All my meals (except for one drunken pizza order) were made from bulk purchased foods or produce. I did use some materials that I had around the house that did not fall into those categories though, and that could cause problems in the future. A lot of the recipes I love call for coconut milk and vegetable broth so I will need to find a way to make those myself or replace them in the recipe if I want to push this further. Eating vegan was really easy when I cooked, but I do have a habit of accepting free food when it is available even if it isn’t vegan. I did have a ton of fun making my own bread and my own almond milk, which is something I want to keep doing. There is something rewarding about creating instead of purchasing… and those skills will be helpful when the zombie apocalypse shuts down the world. Trust me, when that happens you want me on your team. Not only am I good with a gun but I know how to repair bicycles, bake bread, grow mushrooms, build shelter, teach sex positions, and mediate a quarrel between lovers.

Beer – Cutting beer out of my life is not going to happen. I do love the taste of beer and the bonding that comes from exploring new brews. It isn’t about the alcohol, but it is a part of my life. So, instead of trying to cut it out I am going to be much more moderate with it. If you look at my chart you can see that I basically fucked up all my goals on the day I went to the hot springs and got wasted. I think it is reasonable to keep my heavier drinking to when I am out sinning with friends (we all need a day or so of sin each week) and keep my other beer experiences to tastings.

Overall, I’m happy with how things turned out. I am going to keep pressing on and find new ways to put things into my life that I want to learn. If you aren’t growing, you are dying… and I plan on living forever so I gotta keep moving.

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